Change Your eBay Password Now

eBay broke new ground with their online auction site. Suddenly the whole world could not only take part in your yardsale, but they could bid on how much they’d pay. It’s an excellent website where you can find everything from car parts, cars, electronics, clothes, watchbands, and much more, from people and businesses alike. That’s why it has become a popular destination for people looking for products they may not be able to find anywhere else. Unfortunately, that popularity makes it a good target for hackers. eBay hasn’t had many issues with this, as their security is quit strong. However, a hack was bound to happen eventually. If you have an eBay account, go change your password now.

eBay released a statement claiming that hackers did breach their security. The hackers may have been able to download passwords from the service, which are encrypted. It’s unlikely that the hackers could crack the encryption, but if they can, they’ll have users’ passwords. Simple passwords, like passw0rd, 12345, letmein, and others will be cracked first. More complex passwords may never be decrypted. It’s not even certain that the hackers even gained access to passwords, but it seems possible, and it’s better to be safe in these situations.

To reset your password, go to eBay and click the Sign In link. Click the link for a forgotten password, enter your email, go to your email, click the link, and reset your password. It might sound like a lot, but it’s very simple, and will protect you from fraudulent purchases. The last thing you want is to give someone free reign of your online accounts, especially with something like eBay, where a hacker could spend thousands buying a variety of products. So, as soon as you’re done reading this sentence, go reset your password. Did you do it yet?

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