Samsung Calls Apple “Jihadists”, Says Trials are “Apple’s Vietnam”

Samsung’s slinging insults, but doesn’t seem to be backing up those harsh words with legitimate arguments. They’ve been crushed by Apple worldwide for their rampant and purposeful infringement of Apple’s hardware and software designs. Apple, tired of seeing their hard work copied and imitated, initiated a legal war against Android, especially Samsung, to put a stop to the imitation. Samsung’s upset about losing these legal battles, and has lashed out against Apple, calling them “jihadists”, a reference to Apple’s “holy war” against imitators, and a misunderstanding of the word. Jihad means struggle, and for Muslims, it means more than a war against non-believers. Referring to them like this implies that jihadis are war mongers. They also refered to Apple’s legal struggles as “Apple’s Vietnam”, a reference to the intense and often fruitless struggle American soldiers faced in the Vietnam War, and a phrase that is used to call something futile. Not only should Samsung keep from lashing out at other companies, they shouldn’t do so in such a way that is so offensive, making light of sacrifices and faith.

Samsung’s comments have proved that not only do they lack originality, they lack tact, and again prove that the company is nothing more than a vile marketing machine.

Source: BGR


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