Your Verse Campaign Examines the Worlds of Sound and Silence

One creates symphonies. One journals amazing experiences, without sound. Both use the iPad to create and share their passion with others. Esa-Pekka Salonen uses his iPad to create classical music. He uses The Orchestra app, an app he made himself, to help make music creation easier, and to make the artform more accessabile for others. He said the iPad is the greatest tool he has for capturing inspiration when it strikes, wherever he is. His process of capturing his feelings and the world around him in sound is a six to nine month long process, and his iPad Air plays a huge role in that creation process. With the iPad, he can hear his creations before assembling an orchestra, an ability composors of the past lacked. Even so, he says the scariest part is hearing his creations truly come to life for the first time with the help of 40-100 musicians, playing a wide variety of instruments. Apple has a sample of the music he created with the Philharmonic Orchestra in London and more on iTunes, find his favorite apps, and you can read his story on Apple’s website.

Apple did something unsual this time around, releasing not just one story, but two. While the first was drenched in powerful sound and music, the second exists in silence. It’s the verse of Chérie King, a travel journalist who has crossed the globe, with her iPad as her companion.

Chérie King travels the world, keeping record of it through her blog and various social media platforms. She hopes her journeys can enspire others to have the bravery to explore, especially the deaf, who may feel that the world is a closed off and scary place. King was born without hearing in both of her ears. She uses sign language, lip reading, a hearing aid, and her iPad to help her interact with others. Hearing aids give a very narrow sensation of sound, so Chérie relies on her skills and the iPad to converse. Chérie wants to inspire others to get lost, and discover something new about the world and themselves. The iPad is an amazing tool for writing (I’m using it right now for just that), but it’s a powerful tool with so many functions. That’s what the Your Verse campaign is all about, people doing incredible things with such a powerful yet simple device. Chérie’s iPad helps her discover new paths, talk to others, even in different languages, navigate public transportation, and experience all that a location has to offer. Her site, Flight of the Travel Bee, helps show everyone, even those who may be afraid of travel due to a disability, that the world is open to all, ripe for exploration and full of wonder.

Chérie’s lack of hearing has caused her to miss gate changes and flights, but her iPad now keeps her up to date with changes. If you thought learning another language was difficult, you’ve never tried to do it without the sense of hearing. However, Chérie’s iPad handles translation duties, ensuring she can converse with people wherever she goes, even if she can’t read their lips. Her iPad gives her maps to help her find her way and apps that help show her the best places to go, see, and eat. Still, she loves to get completely lost, learning as much as she can, knowing her iPad will always guide her home. King discovers more about the world and herself with every journey, and she shares those adventures with the world with the hope that it will inspire others. Her verse can be found here, along with her favorite apps, which help her discover and share the word.

The Your Verse campaign is, by far, my favorite of Apple’s marketing. Reading of the amazing adventures of Chérie King and the expressive nature of classical music through Esa-Pekka Salonen was a good use of my time this morning. You may not like Apple or their products. You may be a hardcore Android, Windows, or Linux fan, but you should put your personal prejudices aside and take a look at what these people can accomplish and appreciate what they’ve given back to the world. If there’s one thing to take away from this campaign it’s that these people do amazing things, and they would with or without their iPads. However, the use of the iPad certainly makes them more capable of creating, experiencing, and learning, and perhaps most important of all, sharing their journey, persepctive, and findings with others. Check out everything Apple has released through the Your Verse campaign from their site, It’s worth a few minutes of your day to read of the amazing things people have created and experienced.




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