Another Leak of the iPhone 6?

Yes, another leaked iPhone 6 rear panel is getting attention on the web today, and it… well, it looks like all the previous leaks. There is one small difference with this rear case, and that’s the Apple logo. It hasn’t been present on other leaks, and here it appears to either be cut out or finely polished. If the Apple logo is cut out on the iPhone 6, it could have a glass or plastic insert, like the iPad or Mac. It may even light up, as the logo does on Apple’s MacBooks, although this is unlikely. Also, I know what you’re thinking. No, the next iPhone won’t be that shade of green. That’s apparently nothing more than a protective film placed over the rear casing. The leak certainly looks like the others before it, like the rounded edges, circular flash, and antenna cutouts. If this ends up being the design for the iPhone 6, it could be Apple’s worst kept secret.

Source: BusinessInsider


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