Apple Will Reveal iOS 8 and OS X Update Next Week

WWDC starts next week on June 2nd. Apple uses the event to show developers their latest software so they can begin developing apps for iOS and OS X. The week is full of classes that’ll turn normal app developers into app superstars. The first day of WWDC kicks off with a public keynore speech, which reveals key features of Apple next operating systems. This year, Apple will be revealing iOS 8 and the next version of OS X, which may be called OS X 10.10, and may be nicknamed Yosemite.


Apple has already begun decorating the Moscone center in Calfornia for the week long envent. Two banners in particular confirm that Apple will be revealing new versions of iOS and Mac OS. The first to go up was a simple poster with nothing more than an 8 on a watery background. This doesn’t hint to what iOS 8 will look like (unless it takes on some fluid effects?), but it does confirm that WWDC will be the first appearance it makes. Little is known about it so far, although it’s expected to be a minor update.

Another banner has nothing more than an “X” on it, with a rock face background. The feature looks to be El Captain in Yosemite. Last year, Apple moved from naming the versions of their Mac operating systems after big cats, and started naming them after landmarks in California. Not much is known about the never version of OS X either, although it has once again been rumored to take more design inspiration from iOS.

Registered iOS developers will likely get access to iOS 8 next week, and registered Mac developers and those in the AppleSeed programs will also likely get early access to OS X 10.10. Could Apple actually have huge surprises on the way, or will these be smaller, more iterative updates? We’ll only have to wait until 10AM Pacific Time (1PM Eastern) on Monday to find out.

Sources: TechCrunch and iMore


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