République is the Free App of the Week

République is a stealth stratagy game available exclusively on the App Store that has grabbed the attention of reviewers, both professional and those reviewing the app in the App Store. The app is currently rated at a 4.5 with over 600 reviews. The game is unique in that the protagonist isn’t ever really seen in the game. You play as a person guiding a prisoner, Hope, out of a detention facility in a totalitarian country. With simple and intuitive one tap controls, you hack equipment and guide Hope to freedom. The game plays out in a unique way, often offering tense moments and puzzels to solve as you try to guide her to freedom. It’s normally $4.99, but as the app of the week, you can get it for free. I got this app back when it was $5, and it’s definitely worth the price. Now that it’s free, you’d be foolish not to download it and find out for yourself whether or not you’ll like it. The first episode will be free this week, and each subsequent episode is $5. Download it for free this week only here.


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