Apple Took Shots at Android During WWDC

Humorously, to Apple fans anyway, Tim Cook took some shots at Android during WWDC last week. During the keynote, he mentioned the phenomenal update consistency of iOS, with 89% of users currently using iOS 7, the latest version of iOS. Cook as also sure to point out that those users were very happy with it; the results of a survey showed iOS customer satisfaction at an incredible 97%. He then pointed out the jumbled mess that is Android. Most users are on a very old version of the OS, with a very small percentage on the latest version.

Most Android users are on an outdated and possibly more insecure version of Google’s mobile operating system, with only 9% on the latest version. Android did have one percentage that was higher than iOS though: mobile malware. Android dominates the malware market with 99% of the malware for all mobile devices. That means Symbian, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and iOS combined have only 1% of the mobile malware on the market. Tim Cook concluded with a quote from ZDnet writer Adrian Kingsley-Hughs, “Android fragmentation is turning Android devices into a toxic hell stew of vulnerabilities”. With users scattered over the versions of Android, few on the same version let alone the latest version, and nearly all the mobile malware available for smartphones, Android certainly is in a bad place. Now, that iOS 8 will bring customizability features Android users have enjoyed for some time, they may be wondering if now is finally the time to make the switch to iOS.


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