Possibly the Biggest iPhone Leak Yet

All these iPhone leaks are starting to look the same, which either means they’re all actual leaks of parts for the next iPhone, or none of them are. Two leaks today show what could be the next iPhone, and this time, they’ve come fully assembled. But are these well-made fakes, or is this our first glimpse at a fully assembled iPhone? As with any leak, all I can do is provide the photos, you’ll have to decide for yourself if these photos are accurate photos of the next iPhone.

The photo at the top of this article comes from Taiwanese pop star, Jimmy Lin. Lin was the first to leak the iPhone 5c, before anyone else. His leaks turned out to be the real deal, which means the phone he’s holding next to the iPhone 5 in that photo may be the iPhone 6. This photo could be a fully assembled iPhone as well, as it looks like the camera and flash are present.

Other leaks include these fully assembled iPhones, which feature the front plate. The phones were not turned on for these photos, so they’re most likely incomplete. This could mean that these are either fakes, more mockups, or they’re fresh from the factory, with none of the firmware or software installed.

The phones in these photos have a few key elements. First, they’re slightly larger than the current iPhones. This lines up with the rumors of the next iPhone having a 4.7 inch screen. Secondly, it looks like Apple has managed to shrink the bezels on the side of the screen, as well as reduce the space on the top and bottom. The TouchID sensor is still present. The speaker looks to be a bit smaller, and the FaceTime camera seems to be a bit larger, implying it will have a better front facing camera.

On the side, we find the new sleep button. Due to the larger size of the iPhone 6, putting the sleep/wake button on the top would force users to stretch their fingers. Apple, like many other Android manufacturers who have made large screened devices, does not think that would be a good idea. That’s why this button is now on the side of the iPhone. For righties, it’ll be within reach of their thumb. For lefties, their forefinger. Either way, it’s a logical location for the button, but may take some time getting used to.

The back of the phone has a few more surprise in store for us. First is the black logo on a white phone. This is in line with previous rumors of a cut out Apple logo, which could be used for a new wireless antenna. It could either be for Wifi, like the Apple logo is for the iPad, but it could also be for NFC or wireless charging. The entire back of the phone looks to be made of metal, with cutouts in the frame for the antenna signal. The LED for the flash is now round instead of pill shaped. It could still feature the same color qualities as the TrueTone flash, but that’s unconfirmed as of now.

So what are we looking at here? Are these fully assembled parts for the iPhone 6? They look realistic, especially the inside of the back casing for the iPhone 6, but the Chinese have been manufacturering knockoff iPhones for years, what’s to say they couldn’t make something that looked like an Apple product? Apple is apparently working hard to contain these leaks better, but they’re obviously failing.

Sources: BGR, T3, and CultOfMac


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