Unauthorized Chargers Could Damage iPhones

Think twice before buying iPhone USB chargers from untrustworthy sources. Apple has stuck to their advisory against using USB chargers or Lightning cables from unauthorized third party sources. These cables can damage the internal components of your iPhone, specifically the IC chip, responsible for charging. This could cause iPhones to lock up or fail to charge past 1%.

The Lightning port is an impressive thing. Cables are reversible, which uses a special pin on the cable to decide which way it’s facing. It’s also great for data transfers, yet it’s still incredibly slim. However, if the wrong voltage is sent into an electronic device, iOS devices included, it doesn’t matter how slim or cool the port is, the device will be damaged. That’s why Apple introduced a small chip in the cable that interacts with the iOS device it’s plugged into. This ensures that the cable is approved by Apple for use with the iOS device it’s being charged from. That’s why, if you plug in a cable that isn’t supported, your iOS device will warn you against charging with it. If this alert comes up, you should absolutely not charge your device with that cable or charger, as they could damage your device. If the U2 IC chip within your iOS device is damaged, it could fail to boot up or charge past 1%, and the repair wouldn’t be cheap. In fact, you’d most likely need a brand new device. The issue has been seen specifically on the iPhone 5, but may also exist on other iOS devices.

Look for chargers and cables that have the “Made for iPhone (iPad, iPod, or iOS)” label on them. This is the seal that Apple places on third party devices that have met their strict standards. These chargers and cables will not damage your iOS device. You can also choose to buy all your chargers through Apple, who sells a number of these cables in Apple Stores and online. Cheap cables may be tempting, but repairing your iOS device will be much more costly than a cable.

Source: AppleInsider



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