35% of Windows and Android Users Could Switch to iPhones for Larger Screens

With rumor of not one, but two larger iPhones on the horizon, RBC Capital Markets decided to find out whether or not fans of Apple’s competitors would be willing to switch from their current operating system to an iPhone. They found out that of the people who are planning to buy an Android or Windows phone, a surprising 35% would rather buy an iPhone if Apple sold one with a larger screen. All leaks point to Apple offering a 4.7″ and 5.5″ iPhone this year, which means they’d cover the most popular smartphone sizes. If the only reason the iOS isn’t the dominant smartphone OS in the world is screen size, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, HTC, LG, and others should be very scared.

RBC Capital Markets surveyed 4,000 consumers for their study. Apple is known for their high price, which was one barrier of entry for Android and Windows phone fans, but many respondants said they’d be willing to fork over an extra $100 for the 5.5″ iPhone over a 4.7″ iPhone. Obviously, a majority of smartphone owners want to use a device with a large screen, larger than the 4″ screen on the iPhone 5s. Even more popular then the screen size, increased battery life was the most requested feature of the next iPhone.

The results of this study show that if Apple offers iPhones with larger screens and longer battery life, they’d steal many potential users from Google and Microsoft. What may have been holding Apple back from becoming the most popular smartphone operating system in the world may not have anything to do with the operating system itself, but the size of the screen it was running on.

Source: AppleInsider



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