iPhone 6 Front and Back Panels Leaked

We’ve seen many mockups of the iPhone 6. These are plastic molds of what the iPhone 6 may look like. However, we’re now hearing reports that the molds are ony partially accurate. Sources note that the actual iPhone does not have the sharply contrasted antenna breaks as the mockups, and does have a pill shaped flash for the TrueTone dual LED flash. The mockups may give us an idea of the final design, but all the details they show, such as the speakers, antenna breaks, camera, microphone, and potentially even the button cutouts, are still a secret. Maybe Apple’s still good at keeping secrets after all. That still doesn’t keep leaks from getting out, and there have been two big ones. The screen for the iPhone 6 has been leaked, along with the metal back casing. If only the two could have collaborated to assemble a full iPhone…

A video supposedly showing the back of the 4.7″ iPhone 6 was first leaked, which I’ve included below. In it, we can see what appears to be a metal version of the mockups we’ve been seeing, along with a cutout for the Apple logo. The rear casing looks as though it could be genuine, although the details are troubling. Beyond the internal parts, this looks as though it’s modeled after the mockups. The antenna breaks are still present, and the camera on the back still retains the circular shape. Could it be nothing more than a hoax? It’s possible, as Apple leaks can generate plenty of ad revenue for a blog, which means there’s big money in faking an Apple product. For the same reason, all leaks should be taken with a grain of salt.

In a separate leak from renown leaker, Sonny Dickson, we see the front panel of the iPhone 6, in white and black. Most exciting of all isn’t that these could prove the screen size increase of the iPhone 6, that much has already been assumed. No, what’s interesting here is the curved glass on the display. The edges gently curve into what will be the body of the phone. This means the entire phone will have a rounded feel, with the screen blending into the rear casing. It would certainly make for an interesting design, one that would not only look great, but feel great in the hand.

We still can’t be sure that these are final designs, or even whether or not these were even created by Apple in the first place. However, it does fuel our curiosity until Apple employees take the stage and reveal the iPhone themselves. Clearly, the world is very excited for the next iPhone, as the larger screen size, and potentially better battery life could make it Apple’s most popular device ever. All should be revealed in two to three months, when the iPhone is revealed early this Fall.

Source: 9to5Mac 1 & 2, MacRumors


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