iPhone 6 Release Date Revealed

Common sense says that the next iPhone will be released sometime in mid to late September. However, an exact date hasn’t been revealed. While nothing will be certain until Apple announces the release date, we can get an idea as to the planned release date as of now. According to German cell service carrier, Deutsche Telekom, the iPhone 6 will be released on September 19th, a Friday. That wasn’t exactly a leak though, it could have easily been a placeholder with no source in fact. That date has recenty been backed up by another, this one from Chinese source Tencent, which said the iPhone 6 would be released on September 19th, with the larger, 5.5″ iPhone 6 released at a later date.

These release dates fall in with history, and are also close enough to the 2 year mark from the last iPhone relase that carriers would likely allow discounted upgrades. This could be the actual planned release date. It’s exciting, isn’t it? Look forward to finding out more this fall (and all the time leading up to it).

Source: BGR


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