Review of Bumprz, the Anti-Case

Bumprz successfully funded their Kickstarter campaign, and the case that isnt a case started shipping out to backers. I was excited about a case that wouldn’t mask the beauty of the iPhone, but would still protect it from drops and falls. That’s why, upon learning about it, I immediately shared the project with my readers. My set of Bumprz has arrived, and with a day of testing under my belt, I’ve found my new favorite “case”. These simple little corners offer great protection, look good, and don’t get in the way of Apple’s already great looking design.

As this isn’t a normal case, putting the Bumprz on your phone is a bit more complex. Still, it can be done in under 3 minutes, and isn’t very hard. Bumprz includes a video showing exactly how to place the Bumprz on your phone on their website. The instructions are fairly simple though.

  1. Clean your iPhone 5 or 5s with the included alcohol wipe. You then give it sufficient time to dry.
  2. Remove the top left corner from the packaging. The ones for the bottom of the device have cutouts for the speaker and headphone jack, so make sure you’ve gotten the right one.
  3. Remove the adhesive, and stick it on the phone. You can either “eyeball” it, I found the bottoms get close to touching the antenna breaks (but don’t), or you can use the included cardboard guide. I used the guide. After sticking these on, you’re not going to want to peel them off, and you’ll want them to stay on, so get this right. I had one that was a bit off, but I found that I could reapply it.
  4. After putting each part on, place your phone face down on a hard surface, like a table. Then apply pressure to the top of the device for about 10 seconds. Don’t be too gentle, about 30 lbs of steady pressure will do it. After that, push inward on each corner to set the adhesive. It will take about a day for the adhesive to completely set, so you have some time to make sure they’re perfect.

Once you’ve got everything in place, take a look at your handiwork. The sides of your iPhone and your screen are now protected by four metal bumpers. In the test videos, the creator, Matt Veenstra, tosses his phone high in the air a few times. The iPhone comes crashing down, but the phone is undamaged. The steel or brass used is stronger than plastic, and, at the same thickness, can absorb and displace more force than plastic. That means They can be thinner, look great, and protect your iPhone in style.

Bumprz only covers the front of the device and the edges. The back is still exposed. There are three big reasons for this. First of all, protection on the back wouln’t be very necessary, as the points that cause real damage to your iPhone during a drop are the edges and the front. Secondly, the creator wanted to make sure that this case didn’t add much bulk to your iPhone. Finally, and most importantly, any metal on the back of your iPhone could block the cellular signal (that’s why there are glass “windows” on the back of the iPhone 5/s). This is actually one of the reasons I love Bumprz over other cases I’ve tried. They don’t interfere with the metal ring I have around my camera lens for my Photojojo lenses.

I haven’t tried throwing my iPhone around to test this, but I did drop it a few times without it suffering ay damage. I dropped it twice from ear height (I’m 5’10”), and a few times from waist height, and, while I was nervous, I was happy to find my iPhone unharmed. I did this so you don’t have to, I still don’t recommend throwing your iPhone around. The test videos posted by Veenstra for promotional purposes do add a level of confidence that other case makers simply don’t bother with. The front of the packaging has a QR code for a link to the website, however the video section has a 404 currently. I was able to find the test videos by going to their home page though, and Ive included one of those at the top of this post. The best part about this case is that it can offer protection for your iPhone, without getting in the way of the beautiful design of Apple’s hardware. So far, I love this anti-case, it’s the best method I’ve used for protecting my iPhone. The Bumprz themselves look great, protect your iPhone, and don’t get in the way of the functionailty or beauty of the device. If you’re looking for what could be the perfect case (that isn’t a case) for the iPhone, consider preordering it from the company website. If you’re an iPhone 4/s user or Samsung user, you won’t have to be jealous of iPhone 5/s users for long, versions for these phones are in the works.



Overall: 5/5 (Perfect in each category, looks, ease of use, protection, and weight).



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