iPhone 6 Screen Put Through Torture Test

Plenty of parts for the iPhone 6 have already leaked online, including the screen for the 4.7 inch iPhone 6. However, nothing before has truly confirmed the validity of these leaks before this video. In it, the supposed screen is put through rigorous torture tests, including scratching with knives and keys, stabbing, bending, twisting, and even being stepped on. The screen survivevd, completely unscathed. Why does this lend itsemf to the credibility of the leaked part? Because how many manufacturers of fake parts would go through the trouble of using actual sapphire for their faked screens? I’ve included the video after the break, check it out.

The screen has the same curved screen we’ve seen in previous leaks, and heard about in rumors. It looks like an Apple part, but for just a screen, that’s not hard to imitate. Still, Samsung’s been trying and failing for years (insert mental rimshot here). So, take a look at the video above and marvel at how resilient Apple’s next iPhone will be. Companies that repair iPhone screens may want to find a new business.

Source: CultOfMac


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