Samsung Ditches Factory Guilty of Child Labor

Samsung’s labor report wasn’t very favorable, and an independent study showed the conditions in Samsung’s factories were even worse than initially thought. Samsung has received flak over their factories before, but never before have the horrible conditions applied to children. Samsung, in a move that was unexpected (to me), actually cut all ties with the factory that had children under 18 working in unsafe conditions. I often paint Samsung to be the bad guy, and frequently, they are, but it’s nice to see the company taking responsibility and forcing their suppliers to improve their working conditions. They’ve still got a long way to go, but it’s a start.

Samsung could have waited for the turmoil over the report to blow over, and most likely wouldn’t have seen a large drop in sales, if any at all. Samsung already has a poor record when it comes to moral obligations, yet sales of their Galaxy phones are through the roof. In fact, besides the iPhone, Samsung’s Galaxy phones are the most popular in the world. Samsung could have gotten away with these violations, but instead they did the right thing. Of course, Apple started the trend of holding manufacturers responsible for their working conditions, so finally, no one is going to complain about Samsung copying Apple. In fact, it would be nice if more companies that are usually not in the spotlight followed Samsung’s and Apple’s lead on working conditions. Now if only we could get them to make a commitment to environmental causes as well.

Source: Engadget

Image Credit: iFixit


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