iPhone 6 Camera and Battery Leaked

The iPhone 6 is leaking out, part by part. Eventually, someone is going to be able to assemble an entire iPhone 6 from leaked parts. Today, the new camera sensor and battery for Apple’s next iPhone leaked out from suppliers. The details show that the iPhone 6 will have an improved camera over the iPhone 5s, which is a change from what Apple did with the iPhone 4s and iPhone 5, where Apple stuck with the same camera sensor. Also, due to the larger body for the iPhone 6, a larger battery is expected. The larger battery would increase battery life, but due to the larger screen, the iPhone 6 may require a larger battery just to keep up with the iPhone 5s.

The camera sensor is a 13 megapixel Sony Exmor. It’s Sony’s latest and greatest, and would be Apple’s first leap in megapixels since the iPhone 4s. Apple hasn’t joined their rivals in the megapixel race, as more megapixels do not necessarily lead to a better photograph. In fact, all it means is that the photo is larger, it could still be noisy, and incapable of taking good low light photos. Apple’ siphons 5s is still one of the best camera phones money can buy. For Apple to be moving up to a larger sensor, it must be better than the previous in every way, not just in pixel count. Hopefully the new Exmor from Sony will do just that.

The leaked battery has a storage capacity of 1,810 mAh, which is up by 250 mAh over the 1,560 mAh battery found in the iPhone 5s. That, along with a more efficient A8 proessor, would make the battery life in the iPhone 6 much better than that in the iPhone 5s. However, with the larger screen, it’s possible the new iPhone will need every bit of that juice. Unless Apple can use a better techology for the screen to reduce power consumption, the iPhone 6 would likely have the same battery life as the iPhone 5s. That would be a shame, as one of the most requested features of the iPhone 6 is better battery life.

So far, we already have a very good idea as to what the iPhone 6 will look like. We know what will power it. We know how large the screen(s) will be. Now we know what the camera and battery could feature. It won’t be long now before we see a leaked iPhone fully assembled, although it will likely be a month and a half before Apple shows it to us.

Sources: MacRumors & CultOfMac


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