iOS 8 Beta Comes With New Tips App

iOS 8 is going to come with some big changes, and many of those changes won’t be immediately visible to users. It was rumored when some early builds leaked out in March that Apple would include an app to show users some of the less obvious features of iOS. If the newest app added to the iOS 8 beta makes it into production, this rumor will have turned out be be true. iOS 8 beta 4 was released on July 21st. The beta came with a number of the standard stability improvements, but it also came with a new app: Tips. The app is exactly what you’d expect, it tells users about features they may not be using in iOS. It won’t just cover new features that are exclusive iOS 8, but many hidden or less well known features that users may be missing out on. Launching the app will give users a few sentences and screenshots of a secret iOS feature in action. Apple says they’ll release new tips every week. For the launch of this new app (which is only available in iOS 8 right now), the app had a few hints specific to iOS 8, such as quick replies to notifications, “Hey, Siri”, and a few other tips that could be used in previous versions of the OS. This app will help ensure that new iOS users can catch up to us iOS veterans in no time, making the very best use of their new iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad in just a few short lessons. 
Source: AppleInsider

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