Amazon’s Fire Phone is Barely a Spark

Amazon’s Fire Phone hasn’t received the warm reception Amazon and CEO Jeff Bezos were hoping for. Reviews for the revolutionary phone have, for the most part, brushed it off. Engadget, The Verge, Business Insider, Gigaom, CNET, Re/Code, and many more called it either mediocre, or some synonym for the word. They all recommended that smartphone buyers find a different phone, one with iOS, or Android running on it. Reviewers will acknowledge that the phone certainly has some cool features, but the gimmicks aren’t enough to make an otherwise bland phone great. The reviews are similar to Amazon’s first foray into the tablet market with the Amazon Kindle Fire. The first generation of that tablet wasn’t a good choice when compared to the competition, and had some serious flaws. Amazon’s second tablet was much nicer than their first, and it looks like they’re repeating the same pattern with their first phone. You can find a collection of exerpts from those reviews over at 9to5Mac.


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