Huge Update to Canabalt for iOS

I’m not going to call Canabalt the original endless runner game, but it certainly did bring a new level of popularity to the genre. The game is simple. No story is provided, but the character is running along rooftops, presumably away from something, while the city behind burns, bombs fall, and strange ships cross in the background. Basically, it seems as though the game occurs during an alien invasion. None of that’s important though, because you’ll be running too fast to care. Tap the screen to jump, and try not to fall to your death. The game was very simplistic, but now, the developers have finally updated it. The game now has different modes of play, including the crazy “Leap of Faith” mode, where the buildings are invisible. Also, two runners can now play at the same time, each one tapping on a different side of the screen. I like to play the two player mode by myself, for an added challenge. You can download Canabalt for iOS here.


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