Samsung Galaxy S4 Catches Fire Under Pillow

Here’s a friendly reminder that people should never keep their phones under their pillows. Remember, lithium ion batteries can quickly become unstable, and when that happens, they can combust or even explode. You wouldn’t sleep on top of a grenade if you had the choice, would you? By smothering the phone, you can also make a battery overheat, which can also lead to combustion. One 13-year-old girl in Texas found the hard way that you shouldn’t sleep on a phone, especially not one that has a long history of combustion.


The Samsung Galaxy S4 in question here recently got a replacement battery. The battery may or may not have been at fault though. One has to question why a new battery was needed in the first place, and if the battey was from an authorized source, why it could have combusted. There could have been something wrong with the phone that put strain on the battery. Samsung has learned a lesson from some bad press they received over their bullying of a victim of a burned Samsung phone, so they’re responding quickly this time. The 13-year-old will receive a brand new phone, and new bedding as well. Hopefully the next one doesn’t ignite, although it’s unlikely. Most phones are perfectly safe, just don’t make the mistake of smothering one that may overheat. In case you were worried, yes, the girl is fine. She fortunately got out of bed before the fire became serious.

Source: Phone Arena



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