Ford Ditching Blackberry Phones for iPhones

Ford’s in car infotainment system, MyFord Touch, hasn’t been popular. The Microsoft-powered system is slow, often unresponsive, and full of bugs (trust me). Ford’s ditching it for QNX, a system owned by Blackbery. Apparently, that’s all the Blackberry Ford can handle, because they’re swaping out employees’ phones, from Blackberry phones to iPhones.

Blackberry phones are still popular with executives in large companies, but more are leaving their “Crackberries” behind every year. Apple’s partnership with IBM will likely push this trend further in the future, however it’s unlikely the motivation behind this switch. Ford executives have likely been passing this idea around for some time before deciding to go forward with the plan. It’s an extensive switch, as Ford was relying heavily on Blackberry before. Before the end of the year, 3,300 Ford employees will be trading in their company Blackberry phones for iPhones, with 6,000 more getting iPhones over the next two years. That second rollout may be in anticipaiton of the introduction of enterprise software from Apple’s partnership with IBM, or it could be Ford’s method of controlling costs.

On one hand, Ford will be sending plenty of business Blackberry’s way with QNX in their cars, on the other, they’re bringing a competitor a large volume of business. Blackberry’s business has been on the decline since iOS and Android were introduced. If the company loses their enterprise presence, and can’t find renewed life in the consumer market, they’ll likely go under.

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