Photojojo iPhone 5/s Plate Review

Photojojo released a new accessory for their acclaimed magnetic lens kit, a plate to replace the metal ring on the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. The plate covers the top glass window with a thin slab of metal, attached to the iPhone using 3M adhesive, just like the metal rings. However, the plate blends in with the phone much better than the lens ring. I tested it out, and found that there doesn’t seem to be any drop in reception, and the plate works just as well as the metal ring, all while looking much better.

The plate was free, as I already bought a set of Photojojo lenses. If you purchased these lenses, you should have received an email from the company asking you to pick the color for your plate. You can also buy the plate with the lenses here, all iPhone owners can add it for no extra cost. Hopefully Photojojo releases something like this for the iPhone 6, because I hate the idea of losing this awesome feature next month.


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