The iPhone 6 May Come With New Charging Equipment

Apple’s USB charger hasn’t changed much externally since it was created for the first iPhone. Before, Apple only supplied a USB cable with iPods, as they required a computer to get music, and all computers have USB ports. However, the iPhone made the need for an actual USB plug. Apple made different USB adapters for different regions, based on their needs. Apple has also supplied a basic USB cable with their iOS devices. Apple’s not the kind of company to do the same thing every year, and they’re certainly not the kind of company that wishes to do anything “basic”, so could they be planning an egonomic overhaul for the USB adapter and a reversable USB cable? Leaked photos make that seem possible.

The reversible USB cable leak is a little older, coming from a variety of sources. One of those is Sonny Dickson, who has correctly leaked Apple, specifically iPhone, parts for some time. Another source is the patent included above. Here, Apple illustrates how they’d design a reversable USB cable. No more “3 attempts to plug in a USB cable”, now it’ll connect properly the first time, every time.

As for the cable, Apple made one end of their cable reversible with the Lightning cable, introduced with the iPhone 5. It only makes sense that the other end of the cable would also be reversable. This involves using a thinner, slightly flexible middle contact point inside the connector, which can make the connection to a USB port on either side.

Apple will reveal their new iPhone(s?) in September. In fact, the current rumor states that we’ll get a look at it on September 9th.

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