Microsoft Surface 3 Has Heat Issues

Owners of the new Microsoft Surface 3 are reporting some serious issues with heat. The Surface Pro has a laptop-class Intel i7 processor, which might be too much for the device. Users complain of heat that makes the tablet too hot to touch, and say that a thermometer icon appears before it shuts down. They also claim that it heats up to this temperature while performing very minor tasks. Tablets typically don’t use i7 processors for a reason. They’re powerful, but they generate more heat than their ARM-based counterparts in iOS and Android devices. Microsoft says they have a fix, but it doesn’t involve cooling the device any better. Microsoft claims the issue only occurs for some users, and only when they restart the device. They claim the only issue is that the temperature gauge is showing up too early, and the fix will simply prevent that. Surely that will be enough, right?

Microsoft’s official statement was made to a blogger Paul Thurrott, and follows below.

“The Surface Team is aware of a very small number of Surface Pro 3 Intel Core i7 devices that are temporarily restarting and incorrectly showing a ‘Thermometer Gauge’ icon while attempting to boot up. Our investigation reveals that the system is triggering this event sooner than it should for some people, only when the device restarts, and this does not occur when the device is booted and running. We have an update that will address this that will be ready for our customers as soon as possible.”

If you were thinking about getting a Surface Pro 3, you might want to hold off until issues like this one are fixed. You could also choose any other tablet or laptop which has been tested better already.

Source: Gizmodo


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