Apple Highlights Top Reasons iOS Apps Are Rejected

Apple has a strict review process when it comes to iOS apps. This is to preserve the security of the platform, while simultaniously reducing the odds of a person having a bad experience with their apps. This is just one of the reasons iOS apps are enjoyed more than their Android counterparts. Apple has always made their guidelines known to developers, but they’re pretty simple. Make sure your app is stable, doesn’t crash often, looks good, doesn’t steal customer data, is well described, and doesn’t have hidden core features. Still, there are many other guidelines. Apple now has a page to help developers spot the most frequent violations of the App Store guidelines. So, without further ado, here’s Apple’s top ten list.

Apple’s website explains how the top ten reasons for rejection encompass 58% of the reasons apps are rejected. That might not sound like a lot, but there are many reasons Apple may reject an App. Apple looks through and, if there are serious bugs or violations of their guidelines, the app will be rejected. It’s interesting to see how many apps are rejected because they still have placeholder text (the word “Button” on a button that should say something like “Search”, or “Go!”). The top reason is a simple one though, lack of information. App developers need to describe their apps well, so potential users will know if they want the app, and App Store currators will know how to test it. Considering the number of developers who have issues documenting their code (“Ugh, pausing my train of thought for some comments?” “A doc page?!”), this isn’t very surprsing.

If you’re a developer, look through Apple’s guidelines, and use this new website to avoid common pitfalls. If you’re not a developer, you still might be interested to see the most common ways developers make mistakes while trying to create the apps you use.

Source: 9to5Mac


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