Kenu Airframe+ Review

I frequently find myself on the road. Whether it’s my, admittedly lengthy, commute, a weekend road trip, or even some autocross, I spend a great deal of time behind the wheel of my car. I love driving, and consider it one of my primary hobbies, but I have a terrible sense of direction. As such, I use navigation frequently. I have in car navigation, and a big touch screen, but my car’s a Ford vehicle, plagued by MyFord Touch, and navigation with it is a chore. That’s why I frequently use apps like Apple Maps, Mapquest, and even Trapster on my phone. My intention isn’t only to find my way to my destination, but to do so quickly.

I also like having quick access to Siri, as I refuse to look at my phone for more than a glance while driving, and I never text and drive. Therefore, Siri handles when I want to listen to a different radio station, a different playlist, or when I want to reply to a message. So, for the most part, I didn’t need a car mount. I kept my iPhone in a little holder I made for it in my center console, out of sight and out of reach. However, pressing the home button to talk with Siri was a pain, and I often found myself wishing I had more than auditory cues for navigation. For those occasions and others, I decided to try out the Kenu Airframe+, and the review for this wonderful little mount follows.

The mount may not look like much at first. Most mounts have a large suction cup, arm, padding, or adustable sections. This mount is simple, plain, small, and portable. That’s one of its greatest features. It’s diminutive size makes it perfect for slipping into a pocket when hopping into a friend’s car or a rental car. This is a simple and portable mount, but with many of the features (and then some) of a larger, bulky mount.

The Airframe+ is a vent mount, and is easy to place on a vent or remove. That is perhaps its only real flaw. As a vent mount, it will block a vent. The back has two different sizes of rubber grabbers, which will grab on to nearly any vent. It works for any vent configuration as well, vertical, horizontal, or somewhere in between, and can be rotated to change the orientation of the device it holds. To hold the phone in place, an expandable section is used, which holds a phone with rubber arms. The Kenu Airframe+ can hold a phone as large as a 6″ phablet, and as small as an iPhone. The version that came before it could not expand much further than the width required to hold smaller devices, but with the rumor of a larger iPhone, perhaps even an Apple phablet, on the horizon, Kenu decided to upgrade their mount with the “+” model. If you’re considering buying this mount today, I recommend getting this later model.

I tested the Airframe+ both with my iPhone 5 and a friend’s Samsung Galaxy S4. The S4 even had a Tech21 Impact case on it, which, as I stated in my review of the iPhone version, adds considerable width to a device in the name of protection. This still fit, as did my iPhone. In fact, due to the springed nature of the mechanism, larger phones would presumably be held in place tighter than smaller ones.

Instalation is a breeze and bringing Kenu’s Airframe+ with you anywhere you go is easy enough, but how does this little mount hold up? While I certainly wouldn’t trust it to hold my iPhone for an autocross race, I would trust it over the bumps and turns on my commute. Trust me when I say that if it can hold an iPhone in place in my car, it’s unlikely that it will experience higher levels of G-force in your car, and will hold your phone in place safely. I had no issues with it losing grip of the phone or the vent while I took some sharp turns at speed, for testing purposes, of course.

Overall, I’m very pleased with the Kenu Airframe+. This little mount doesn’t require permanent attachment in my vehicle, it isn’t a large, bulky, ugly eyesore, it’s easy to remove, unlike other vent mounts I’ve used, and it can even double as a stand when you’re not using it in the car. It’s not only perfect for everyday use in my car, but it’s portable enough to use in other vehicles as well. For most people, I wouldn’t recommend any other mount. For $30 ($25 for the “non-plus” version), you won’t have to worry about needing a new car mount in the future. This is my 3rd car mount, and my second vent mount, and hopefully, it’s my last.



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