With Low Memory, iPhone 6 Could be Dead on Arrival

As I discussed in a previous post, Apple isn’t giving their devices enough memory. This leads to Safari needing to reload all tabs when multple tabs are open, apps to be closed out of the background, and in the case of the iPad Air, frequent crashing (mine crashed once while switching between Safari and Blogsy while writing this article). The problem is that these devices require more memory, especially those with larger screens. When a device needs to fill up more pixels with graphics, the apps running on it will use up more memory. Therefore, the iPad should have more memory than the iPhone. It doesn’t. Since the next iPhones are supposed to be larger, they, too, should have more memory. However, if the leaks we’ve seen up until now are of the actual Apple hardware that will be used in the final version, we could be in trouble. The iPhone 6 may come with only 1GB of RAM, which means it would have the same crashing problems of the iPad, wouldn’t be able to load many apps, and wouldn’t be able to have many tabs open at once. This could make the iPhone 6 a flop before it’s even on shelves.

Above you can see the logic board with the A8 processor on it. The serial number on the chip can actually tell you a bit about the defice. For example, the 8th digit is used to refer to the memory on the chip. An ‘8’ means 1GB, whereas a ‘B’ would mean 2GB. Unfortunately, upon close inspection, the A8 appears to have a pathetic 1GB of RAM. This could be a huge gripe for Apple customers in the near future.

Apple could actually improve memory management in iOS 8, although it’s unlikely. Typically, new versions of operating systems include new features. Those new features require faster processors and more memory. But Apple hasn’t increased the memory in their iOS devices in two years, something unheard of in the tech industry. In fact, all Android manufacturers with top-tier flagship devices have long since started using 2GB of RAM or more, most moving to 4GB. Apple doesn’t want to give up their massive profit margins, and that means keeping lower amounts of RAM.

For the next iPhone and iPad, I think 2GB of memory would suffice. Of course, Apple could use much more, with perhaps 4GB being the sweet spot right now, but at a certain point few users would notice the benefit, and therefore Apple would be throwing away their profits for nothing. Apple could potentailly use 4GB of RAM in the iPad line, and 2GB for the iPhones, but they likely wouldn’t differentiate them like this. Our best bet is 2GB of memory in the next iOS devices, but if the processor in this photo is not only a legitimate part, but also a final part for the iPhone, we could be in some serious trouble. With 1GB of RAM, Apple could be setting the iPhone up to be a disappointment. It’s hard to judge before the device is even out, but should Apple be taking such a risk with just 1GB? Probably not.

Source: MacRumors


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