Toughest iPhone Yet, But Will it Bend?

According to extensive testing by SquareTrade, the new iPhone 6 is the toughest iPhone Apple’s ever made, with the iPhone 6 Plus taking the #2 spot. The iPhone 6 was not only judged to be the toughest iPhone, but it was also the only smartphone to survive their drop test without the screen cracking. In fact, after multiple tries, the only damage suffered by the iPhone 6 was a few dings, although the iPhone 6 Plus screen separated from the body and the speaker broke.
SquareTrade’s other tests involved water, gripability, and even how far it could slide on a smooth surface. What they didn’t test was whether or not it would bend if enough force was applied. As it turns out, Apple’s device can be bent, and it can keep running while that happens.

For the water tests, the phone survived a 10 second dunk in water with no long lasting issues. In the video, it even takes some time before the audio cuts out. Apple hasn’t claimed that the iPhone 6 has any waterproof or water resistance levels, but it clearly was designed to some excellent standards, and can hold up to some accidental water exposure.
The phones are heavier than their predecesors, which means they’ll slip further. They’re also larger, thinner, and a bit smoother, which means they’re slightly less easy to grip. Although I have found that as I grew accustomed to the shape, I started to feel like I was less likely to drop it. Still, thanks to the size and weight, it definitely is easier to drop.

Finally, we come to something SquareTrade didn’t touch on, but has been mentioned extensively throughout the Internet as of late. Is the iPhone a bit too flexible? I personally can’t say, my iPhone is still in perfect condition. However, as it’s thinner, and still made of aluminum, it will be flixible, as the more serious video below demonstrates.

Should you be worried? Probably not. It seems to take a lot of force to bend the phone. Still, common sense dictates that one shouldn’t put something expensive in a high pressure situation. Don’t sit on your phone, and don’t jam your phone into your skinny jeans, sit down, and expect it to come out unscathed every time. The iPhone is tough, but it’s still just a thin device with a malleable aluminum shell. Don’t treat it like it’s a solid block of steel. All phones bend. Check out a few bent phones on CultOfMac. One of them is below (not an iPhone 6).

The iPhone is very durable, and will survive falls, bumps, and even some water. Be careful with the pressure you place on the center of it, but don’t buy the Internet hype machine, the iPhone isn’t a fragile little thing. The iPhone is tough, just don’t be foolish with it. Don’t put it in your back pocket, especially if you’re wearing some tight pants. Also, and this should go without saying, but dont do your own drop tests. The phone’s tough, but don’t push your luck.
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