Apple Releases iMessage Deregistration Tool

Those who have switched from iOS to Android may find that they no longer receive messages from iOS users. It’s not because they’re mad at you from leaving the iPhone club, iOS users aren’t that petty. It’s because Apple reroutes text messages through iMessage when sent to and from users who have it enabled. One you’ve switched to Android, you can no longer receive iMessages.

There were methods to deregister your number from iMessage before, however, they’re not easy, especially if you don’t have access to your iOS device anymore. Now, Apple’s made the process easy with a new website.

Apple is all about making software that “just works”. That means it’s intuitive and easy to use. Leaving Apple isn’t easy, but the company clearly respects the choices of its customers, and now has made that process a little easier. They’ve introduced a new website, which makes deregistering your phone number from iMessage easy. It’s now as easy as entering your phone number and confirming the text message you’re sent.

Apple’s hoping that by making it easy to leave iMessage behind, they can avoid negative attention and even potential lawsuits. They also send a clear message to customers. This is a company that even makes leaving them easy to do. By doing this, they keep from upsetting their former customers, and improve the chances of them coming back. After all, Android users are more likely to switch to iOS than iOS users to Android. By keeping these former customers happy, even as they leave the company’s products behind, Apple puts themselves in a favorable light.

Source: 9to5Mac


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