Mad Catz Finally Releases iOS Bluetooth Controllers

Mad Catz promised us a bluetooth controller for iOS back in February of this year. They promised a release in April, however, they were silent for months. Now, in the last month of 2014, Mad Catz has finally lived up to their promise, with the new Mad Catz C.T.L.R.i, as well as a smaller version. The controllers connect to iOS devices using bluetooth, and also feature a detachable clip to hold the user’s iPhone or iPod Touch while they’re gaming. There have been other iOS controllers like this, but Mad Catz is a popular manufacturer of third party controllers for consoles, and has been a trusted living room name for years.

The controllers have been a long time coming, and the clip design may not be as elegant as Moga’s clip, but these controlers look great, like the rest of Mad Catz’s controllers, including those for consoles. Moga’s controllers also beat the competition on price, by a lot. Your average bluetooth controller will cost you between $60 and $100 right now, but the Mad Catz C.T.R.L.i can be purchased for $49.99, and the micro version, which is 20% smaller than the original, is $39.99. The controllers also come in 5 highly polished colors.

Source: MacRumors



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