Xiaomi’s Copying Gets Company Banned from India

Xiaomi’s copying tactics are infamous. The company recently found some success by copying designs from Apple. However, those tactics now have the company in hot water. Xiaomi’s copies of Apple designs weren’t the cause of their current legal troubles in India, it was actually their copying of Ericsson (the company known for their parnetship with Sony to make cellphones). An India court found that Xiaomi had violated eight of Ericsson’s patents. Those patents were mostly related to cellular data, 3G and EDGE. This is the first large legal move taken against Xiaomi, but it certainly won’t be the last.

Xiaomi has been growing, but getting banned from a market as large as India could be the beginning of the company’s downfall. This is the first time the Chinese company was challenged in another country, and this loss could spell trouble for Xiaomi. If other courts in other countries follow suit, either for the Apple design patents they’ve clearly violated, or Ericsson’s cellular radio related patents, Xiaomi could be forced out of a number of key markets. They’ll either need to change their ways, or risk losing business.

A spokesperson speaking on behalf of Xiaomi has stated that the company intends to end things amicably with Ericsson. This would likely mean licensing the patents they’ve found to be in violation of, and possibly paying some reparations for the infringement they’ve already committed. If Xiaomi is willing to admit fault and pay their share, the company may show signs of changing, which may be the only thing they can do to save them if companies like Apple and Ericsson come after them.

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