Not Even Blackberry Uses Blackberry Phones

Samsung has a history of paying celebrities to endorse Samsung phones, only to have them slip up and reveal that they actually use iPhones. That’s pretty bad, but you can’t pay someone to change their preferences, so what did they really expect? It’s not as though these were cases involving a Samsung employee getting caught using iPhones. Blackberry isn’t that lucky. From the official Blackberry Twitter, we got the Tweet posted below. Someone at Blackberry just accidentally endorsed the iPhone by using it instead of a Blackberry phone. Was the Passport (above) not good enough for them?

It looks like Blackberry forgot that while official Twitter apps don’t show what device or app someone tweeted from, third party apps do. Look at the screenshot from one of those third party apps above. At the bottom, it shows what device and app the Tweet was posed from: “via Twitter for iPhone”. This is Blackberry’s official Twitter account, which means the employee of Blackberry in charge of Blackberry’s social media presence uses an iPhone. Before you ask, yes, there is an official Twitter app for Blackberry.

Blackberry support is dwindling, and users have, for the msot part, been leaving the brand. Blackberry has put out some unique phones, like the Passport, which has a square 4.5 inch screen and a physical keyboard. It also has some decent specs for a smartphone, as do a number of other Blackberry smartphones. It’s sad to see a brand like Blackberry in such bad shape. Apple is often credited for starting the smartphone revolution, and maybe they did. However if the company reached so high, it was because they stood upon the backs of giants. Blackberry got users addicted to their phones (or, “Crackberries”), which paved the way for the smartphone revolution we’re seeing today. It’s a shame that an innovator in the industry couldn’t keep up with the times and retain more than a small portion of their customers.

Sources: TUAW & The Verge



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