Don’t Buy a Smartphone with 16GB

The base model of the first iPhone came with just 4GB of storage space. If that doesn’t sound like very much, even for then, it wasn’t. File sizes have gotten larger over the past 8 years, with videos coming in high definition, and even music files getting larger. Digital music collections have grown, and, thanks to higher resolution screens, apps have increased in size substancially. Even our operating systems have grown, with new features and, again, high resolution graphics. That’s why, if you’re buying a new phone, you shouldn’t get one with 16GB of internal storage, even if it does has external SD storage, because you’re going to run out of space quickly.

Many smartphone manufacturers, including Apple, Samsung, and Motorola, offer the base model of their flagship devices with only 16GB of storage space. Today, I’d recommend at least 32GB of storage, due to the increased storage space needs of modern apps, music, videos, and operating systems. This is a larger problem for those buying Apple’s iPhones, as there’s no expandable storage for the iPhone line. Some Android manufacturers have expandability through micro-SD cards, and support up to 128GB of external storage. The iPhone’s top capacity is 128GB. However, even for the phones that offer external storage, you’ll use it almost exclusively for photos, videos, and music, as Android doesn’t allow app or OS storage on the external storage. Even if you’re buying a phone like the Samsung Galaxy S5, which has SD storage expandability and comes in two storage options, 16GB and 32GB, choose the 32GB option.

By next year, Apple, Samsung, and others will likely offer 32GB of storage as the minimum. Although you can still get 16GB on the base models of numerous phones, you’re better off getting the larger size. Manufacturers haven’t upgraded their phones yet because there hasn’t been enough consumer demand, and while storage prices are droping, they’re still quite high. Smartphone manufacturers can increase their profit margins by providing lower storage spaces, so we won’t see an increase in storage space until it’s absolutely necessary for all users or consumer demand makes it necessary. Right now, 16GB wouldn’t be a good idea, make the right decision and go with at least 32GB. Personally, I went with 128GB for my iPhone 6… and I’ve already used over half of it.



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