I Got my iPhone Fixed While I Ate a Burger

Well, that title’s a bit misleading, but more on that in a bit. If you’ll remember, I broke my phone recently. It took short tumble onto a tile floor, landing glass first. It became the second iPhone I’ve broken. I’m two for three on iPhones, with the only one not being broken was, oddly enough, my iPhone 4, which had glass on both sides. I was happy to find that the iPhone 6 cost me about $50 less to repair than my iPhone 5 did, but it did take longer to do. Unlike the iPhone 5, which took about 20 minutes to repair, my iPhone 6 would take 45 minutes to a full hour. I had at most, an hour to myself. I foolishly didn’t bring my Samsung Galaxy S5, so I was completely without a phone and the internet. I had no way to tweet my thoughts, and I had a really good one. Wish I could remember it. This story has a happy ending, I assure you, despite forgetting the fantastic tweet that was sure to treat my friends and followers.

The process went very smoothly. I walked in, told an Apple employee I had an appointment, and spoke to a genius there. I asked about the magnetic plate, and was told it woud be fine. I didn’t have to unlock my phone either, but I did have to turn off Find My iPhone, presumably to sidestep the activation lock so they could run their diagnostics. That’s the part that takes the longest time, the diagnostics test. This is a test that makes sure that the only thing that broke was the screen itself.

I stuck around for 15 minutes or so, playing with a new Mac Pro and waiting to make sure everything was going well with my phone’s repair. I then went about the mall, and even sat down for a delicious veggie burger and fries at Burger King (I like feeling like I ate something healthy, even if I didn’t. It’s the same reason people eat at Subway). I then returned to the Apple Store, having been away for almost an hour, to find my iPhone’s screen was now in perfect condition. It cost me $109, plus tax.

Not wishing to leave the Apple Store empty handed (and not wanting to break my phone again), I purchased Apple’s silicone case for the iPhone 6. I chose the (Product) Red, both because I like the red-on-white color scheme, and I like supporting the fight against AIDS. I’ll review that case in a separate review, after I get to use it for long enough to have a detailed opinion.

Apple’s customer service is top notch. The repair process is fast, and the employees are incredibly friendly. I was in and out of that mall in an hour’s time, and my iPhone screen is pristine. Sure, I’m out $100 dollars, but as far as breaking a screen goes, that’s a very fast turn around time, and a decent price. I had initially been very upset, but looking back, that frustration was silly, Apple made repairing my phone very easy. Obviously, I hope I don’t have to do it again, $100 is still more money than I want to spend for a visit to the mall, but Apple made the whole process very simple. Making things simple is, after all, what Apple’s known for.



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