Apple iPhone 6 Silicone Case Review

My iPhone broke and was repaired in less than an hour. It was a nice experience, as far as repairs go, but I don’t want to do it again. That’s why I decided to buy a case while I was aat the Apple Store. I was already considering the Apple cases going in, and was interested in them since Apple released first party cases for the i9Phone 5 and iPhone 5s last year. Those leather and silicone cases were updated for the iPhone 6, and I grabbed a silicone one. I’ve had it on my phone for the past two days, and I’ve really enjoyed it. There are some products that I have to use a long time before deciding whether or not I like it. This was not one of them. Apple makes a decent case, and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t like cases.

Apple offers their cases in two textures, leather and silicone. I didn’t play with the leather one, but it’s 100% genuine leather, and much of what I have to say about this case would likely apply to the leather version. I chose the silicone out of personal preference, but it’s worth noting that the leather costs $10 more. What I have to say about the texture and color of the silicone case obviously won’t apply to the leather version, but the shape, internal texture, and protection level should be about the same.

This phone has two layers. The inside layer wraps the phone in felt, which not only protects the phone from shock, but also keeps dust and dirt from damaging the phone itself. The outside of the case is made of a hard, rubber-like silicone. It has a slightly matte texture. It makes the iPhone 6, which is normally a bit slippery, very easy to grip. I actually really like the way my phone feels in this case. The sides still have the curve, and you can still use the swiping gestures from the edges of the screen (although these are slightly more difficult now). The buttons are very easy to press, and there’s still a tactile click with each button.

The case looks great, with no markings on the outside of the case except the Apple logo which is pressed into the silicone, not printed. This keeps the case looking clean, and makes the logo look very subtle. It’s a nice touch. The silicone case comes in a variety of colors, as does the leather version. Apple even offers a (Product) Red version of both cases. For each red product sold, Apple doneates to the fight against AIDS. You get to protect your phone and help a great cause, how cool is that? The only issue I have with the appearance of this case is that it shows fingerprints slightly. They’re not easy to clean off, but the marks are hardly visible, and only in the right light. I suppose if you cared enough you could wash them off (obviously with the phone out of the case).

This isn’t the thinnest case on the market, and for a silicone case, it has a nice firm feel. It holds onto the phone well, and doesn’t feel loose at all. I’m confident it will protect against most drops and falls. Though it’s only about 1mm thick, it feels very dense. I think this would be sufficient protection for all but the most clumsy of people. It’s not going to waterproof your phone lke a LifeProof case, but it’s going to fit in your pocket or clutch better. The bottom of the case wraps around the bottom of the phone slightly, but is still open to allow access to the speakers and ports on the bottom of the phone. It may not work for all docks and accessories, but for most it’ll still leave your phone compatible. The case also wraps around the front of the phone to protect the glass. I believe my iPhone 6 screen only broke because it landed squarely on the glass. With the curved design of the iPhone 6 screen, the glass is slighty more vulnerable to this kind of damage. Fortunately, the cases from Apple completely protect against this by covering the screen with a slight lip.

There were two added benefits I didn’t think of prior to getting this case, but I’m quite happy with them. First is the fact that nearly any case will level out the protruding camera lens. Now I can place my phone on the desk and not have to worry about it rocking. Secondly, it’s that the case actually fits on my phone along with the Photojojo lens plate I have on the back of my iPhone 6. This is the plate that lets me use Photojojo’s fantastic photography lenses. Most cases would never fit on the phone with it installed, but due to the soft felt liner, there’s just enough room for it. This means all I have to do to use my Photojojo lenses is remove my case. This is the first case I’ve ever used that was compatible with the magnetic plates these lenses use.

Overall, I’m very happy with this case. It’s the first case I’ve used that not only protected the phone and looked good doing it, but also actually improved the feel of the phone. It’s the first case that didn’t make me feel bad about having it on my phone. In fact, I almost like it more with the case on. That’s huge, as I’m typically anti-case. I highly recommend this case to anyone looking to protect their iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus in style. The silicone model is $35, and available where Apple products are sold (including retail stores and Apple Stores), and the leather is $45. If you don’t mind the leather, try them both out and see which one feels right in your hand. I’ve never been this happy with a case more. These cases are a bit more expensive than most cases, but as far as I’m concerned, they’re worth the extra cash.

Protection: 4 / 5

Looks: 4.5 / 5

Weight: 4.5 / 5

Ease of Use & Feel: 5 / 5

Overall: 4.75 / 5



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