Half of All Smartphones Purchased in Q4 2014 Were iPhones

According to the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, the final quarter of 2014 was a good one for Apple. 50% of all smartphones sold from September 2014 until the end of the year were Apple devices. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were introduced in September, and likely drove this increase in iPhone activations. The new iPhones brought something smartphone users have wanted from Apple for some time now, larger screens. Many Android users cited the large screens on their devices as their key reason for buying an Android device instead of an iPhone. With Apple’s larger phones, more smartphone users may make the switch to iOS. However, Apple’s amazing fourth quarter may not be due to users switching in droves. Sales of Apple devices are at their highest when Apple releases new versions, especially when the new iPhone comes with a plethora of desierable features. Many iOS users may have been waiting until Apple released the new iPhone to upgrade, which would boost sales temporarily. Regardless of the reason, other smartphone manufacturers find themselves again fighting over Apple’s scraps.

Apple had the most smartphone acticvations in Q4 2014 by a wide margin. Samsung also had an amazing quarter, claiming 25% of all activations. Behind Samsung was LG, with 11%, Motorola, with 4%, HTC and Nokia with 2%, and Amazon with 1%. The rest had less than one percent. It’s interesting to see how many Samsung smartphones have been activated. While Samsung may not be the favorite of reviewers, the company spends billions on marketing, which has made it the most popular Android smartphone manufacturer, even if it’s not necessarily the best. Speaking personally, I’d take a brand new LG G3, HTC One, or Moto X over the Samsung Galaxy S5, but preferences will differ, and consumers are certainly happy with their choices, regardless of their reasoning.

By taking half of all activations, one manufacturer, Apple, has managed to do what no other smartphone manufacturer has done. Not only is the company the top smartphone manufacturer, it’s also the only one selling iOS devices. This means that the same number of iOS devices were activated over the last three months of 2014 than all of the other mobile operating systems combined. Q4 2014 was certainly a huge win for Apple, but can they keep it up during 2015?

Source: CultOfMac


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