Study Shows Disturbing Number of iPhone Users Need More Storage

I’ve stated (rather recently) that 16GB is just not enough storage space for a modern smartphone. For a heavy user such as myself, 32 GB isn’t even enough, and 64GB is only close to enough. I love the 128GB on my iPhone, and my next iPad will have at least that much. I often don’t practice what I preach when it comes to storage. I have many apps I don’t use, and photos that are in iCloud and therefore don’t need to be on my device. That’s pretty basic behavior though, so for most users, 16GB isn’t enough. A recent study proves that for the average user, the space they have isn’t enough, although the study has a few flaws.

The study asked 1,000 iPhone users in the U.K. how often they run out of storage space on their iPhone. Cloud photography app IceCream partnered up with Ondevice Research to conduct the study. 23% reported that they don’t run out of storage space on a regular basis. 22% run out once per month, and 12% reported they ran out of space once per week. 8% said they run out of space daily. Why would anyone put up with that? I can’t even imagine living like that.

Of course, IceCream had a reason to report users running out of space, as their service allows users to free up local storage space by leveraging their cloud based service for photos. There wasn’t even an option for someone to respond that they’ve never run out of storage space, which is how many respondants may have replied. Even if the study was set up to make it seem as though everyone runs out of storage space occasionally, it’s worth pointing out that 42% said they run out of space at least once a month or more.

The iPhone 6s will likely come with at least 32GB of storage. Although we won’t have that for 9 more months. Until then, avoid the base model, and use your iCloud storage intelligently. You don’t need to keep everything on your device, and old apps are just wasting space. Clear your phone and you won’t need so much storage, or just spend the extra money to get the increased storage next time you get a phone.

Source: TUAW


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