Samsung Galaxy S6 Will be an iPhone 6 Clone

Samsung was just starting to differentiate themselves from Apple, but if these leaked photos are to be believed, Samsung has made another iPhone clone. These photos show a metal frame that will reportedly belong to the Samsung Galaxy S6. The back of the phone has a square shaped hole, the same size of the camera on the S5, adding some validity to this leak.

Samsung has received flak for releasing plastic phones while their competitors have moved to high end materials like aluminum. Their Alpha line of Samsung smartphones are mid-range smartphones that borrow Apple’s style, and were a bit of an expiriment for Samsung. Sales haven’t been incredible for Samsung’s aluminum phones, but if their Galaxy line becomes clad in metal, mote people may be willing to buy a Samsung phone.

The curved edges, speaker position, antenna breaks all look like they were directly copied from the iPhone’s design. The curved edges and glass are completely unique to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, but after Samsung releases their copied design, it’ll just become another Apple design that the entire industry cpies and uses.

Apple has brought companies, especially Samsung, to court for copying their designs and technology. Even though Apple has won a majority of those lawsuits, and Samsung has been ordered to pay Apple billions, Samsung continues to fight the rulings. This allows them to continue taking advantage of Apple’s designs, without paying up for them. Samsung deserves no respect for their phones if they can’t design them without copying from their competition, and their modification on Android, Touchwiz, is one of the least popular Android interfaces. It’s actually one of the worst parts about the Galaxy S5. Yet due to the fact that they have the largest marketing budget in the industry, spending billions anually to market their phones whereas other companies spend less than a tenth of that, Samsung has become a popular company. Despite the fact that this phone looks to be another iPhone clone, Samsung will likely sell millions of them. That’s how Samsung operates. Copy the competition and market the phone until it’s popular. As long as the general public doesn’t see through their shady tactics, Samsung has nothing to worry about.

Source: CultOfAndroid



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