iOS Activation Lock Dramatically Reduces iPhone Thefts

In iOS 7, Apple released a new feature, Activation Lock. This allows users to lock their device to their iCloud user ID. Even if the phone is wiped, it can’t be used without the user’s password. This also ensures that the iPhone is encrypted. Essentially, it makes the iPhone useless to anyone who would want to steal it. As such, theives have stopped targeting iPhones. Thanks to Activation Lock, reported thefts of iPhones all around the world have dropped by as much as 50% in some cities.

Three cities were surveyed, and each one showed significant drops in iPhone thefts. NYC saw the least dramatic drop in stolen iPhones, with a still impressive 25%. In San Francisco, theives stole 40% fewer iPhones. Finally, in London, iPhone thefts were cut in half. These results aren’t coincidental. The reported thefts start dropping dramatically when iOS 7 was introduced, in September of 2013.

Activation Lock makes iPhones useless to theives. Not only that, but it also allows users to track their phones with Find my iPhone, alert police, send the phone messages, and even remotely wipe the device. All users should activate it, if they haven’t already. You can check by going into Settings > iCloud > Find my iPhone. Turn the feature on and also turn on the “Send Last Location feature”, which will make your phone easy to find, even if the battery has died. Apple’s technology has made something as valuable as an iPhone worthless to theives. If only all tech products had this.

Source: CultOfMac


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