Yes! Apple Increased Max App Download Size to 4GB

This is actually a big deal, and I’ll explain why. Apple has a limit on the maximum download size for apps. Since 2008 and until today, that app size was 2GB. This meant that developers had to limit their apps to keep them within 2GB. For example, Bioshock, the popular console game, was recently released on iOS. Players instantly critisized it’s lower resolution graphics. This wasn’t a hardware issue, iOS devices could easily pump out better graphics. It was an issue of regulation. The developers had to use low resolution graphics to conform to the 2GB limit, otherwise they could have used much better looking textures. With this rule change, we can expect to see much bigger apps coming out of the app store, with a higher demand for more storage, but great looking apps and games.

Apple does have a problem. Right now, you can buy a brand new iPhone 6 with 16GB of storage. That means downloading just one of these 4GB apps would easily take up over a quarter of the usable space on your device, possibly as much as a third. That’s not even including game save data. Obviously, this won’t benefit those who went with lower storage space options (don’t say I didn’t warn you!). For those with 32GB or more in storage space, this could pave the way to amazing games and apps.

In a game, the texture is the design laid over a polygon to make it look realitic. Imagine a 3D sphere. Now imagine it looks like the Earth, or a basketball, or a baseball. It’s the same shape, just with a different texture. Like photographs, these textures look much better in high resolution, but high resolution graphics come with two downsides. First, they’re have a larger file size. Secondly, they take longer to process and load. With the advanced processors in iOS devices, that second issue isn’t really a problem, and with the new 4GB restriction on app sizes, the size issue will also be less of a problem.

With this relaxed restriction, app developers will be better enabled to make beautiful looking games and apps. If you’re going to want to play those games, you’re going to need space on your device. That’s one of the reasons why I recommend at least 32GB of storage for any device (optimally 64GB or even 128GB). Apple has given iOS developers more power than any other platform to make incredible games and apps, and I can’t wait to see what developers can do with it.

Source: AppleInsider



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