Apple Highlights Pay-Once Games, Who Needs Freemium?

Freemium games are free to play, but to play them as players would actually want to, that is, without long wait times or “grinding” the same level for hours, users have to pay up. Freemium mechanics have made games boring, pointless, and have made a small fortune for the companies that made them. The games have pulled the quality of games on many mobile platforms down. Apple, in an effort to highlight games that aren’t ruining the industry, has added a special section for great games that only ask once for payment (when you buy the app) and never again. You can go check out this section on the App Store. Some of the games have even been featured on here, such as Leo’s Fortune. These are games that are good enough to make paying up front worth the price, reminding users that mobile games can be real games. Go check it out, you may find something you really like.


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