WTF? Candy Crush Made Over $1.3 Billion

If reading that title nearly made you pass out, I’m very sorry for not warning you in advance. Yes, you did read that right. Candy Crush Saga, the game that you can download for free on a number of mobile operating systems, made over ONE-POINT-THREE BILLION DOLLARS for I’m not only shocked, I’m downright pissed off. Why? Because first of all, King stole the idea for Candy Crush Saga from a much older game, Bejewled, by Pop Cap Games. Secondly, because the game is freemium, and it’s the worst kind of freemium too. Candy Crush preys on players who can easily become addicted.

King took an addictive game, Bejewled, made it candy-coated, and forced players to stop playing at key moments, making them feel as though they have to spend money to keep playing. King made Bejewled worse, and then forced players to pay more for it. They also made certain levels nearly unbeatable unless the player spends money. At some point in the game, you won’t know when, but at some point, you’ll feel as though you have no choice but to pay to continue, and it won’t stop. By then, most players have an addiction. A dollar here, a dollar there. Soon, you’ve paid over $10 for a game that’s not worth more than $1. King is taking advantage of people, especially those with a predisposition for addiction.

Candy Crush Saga is a stolen game making a fortune from people with addictions. Do not download this game, and do not, I repeat, DO NOT buy anything in game. Also, stop inviting me to play on Facebook. Meanwhile, go over to Apple’s new section for great games that charge you only once to play the entire game. These are fantastic games, and best of all, they don’t ruin gaming for everyone like freemium titles from King, Zynga, SuperCell, and others.

Go to the “Top Grossing” section of the App Store. These are the games that are making the most money. How many are actually good games? How many have riveting storylines, characters, plot, action, unique gameplay, or drama? How many of them would you sit down to play on a console? Are any of them actually worth money? Do you think developers enjoy creating games like these? No. We don’t. So stop rewarding these companies, because it’s becoming more and more rare to find good mobile games these days, and freemium games are to blame.

Source: MacRumors


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