Does Pebble Have a New Smartwatch?

On Pebble’s website thre’s a simple countdown. It’ll end on Tuesday at 10am eastern time. Pebble’s expected to reveal a new smartwatch on that day. Pebble has been updating their software religiously, with the latest update enabling Android Wear apps and notifications on Pebble smartwatches. Pebble surprised us with the Pebble Steel. The Pebble Steel was a small upgrade internally, memory, and an LED, and externally featured a slightly thinner metal case. Pebble didn’t give us a countdown for the Pebble Steel, so it’s likely that this is a much bigger update. Rumors have hinted at a complete overhaul.

According to inside sources, the next Pebble will be thinner, something current Pebble owners would certainly be happy with. The current Pebble is a little to thick, and looks a bit out of place on thin wrists. A thinner version could be the answer. The sources say that the next Pebble will also feature a wider, color e-ink display. Color e-ink isn’t an invention of Pebble’s, but it’s a relatively new technology, and would definitely be a cool enhancement for the current Pebble, which has a black and white display. The watch would continue to use a button interface, so unlike the Apple Watch, it will not have a touch screen. This, along with the e-ink display, means that Pebble’s next smartwatch will measure battery life in days, not hours.

With the Apple Watch on the way, likely releasing in Spring, other smartwatch manufacturers, Pebble included, are looking to put something comperable on the market. The next Pebble smartwatch will likely cost much less than the Apple Watch, and will also have better battery life. For many, it will continue to be the best smartwatch on the market. The current Pebbles are inexpensive, offer amazing battery life, and have plenty of apps and watch faces to make each Pebble unique.

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