So What’s Leaf and Core About?

I was thinking about starting a tech blog with a focus on simple, easy to understand language explaining more complicated technical concepts. I also wanted to write about the latest gadgets, such as tablets, mobile phones, and computers, with a specific focus on Apple. With that in mind, I took and Apple, and cut away at it until I was left with nothing but a leaf and the core. Now that name makes sense, doesn’t it? I’m working on a new logo, but just can’t get one that really works yet, so until then, L&C will remain logo-less. It’s perfection or nothing here, and I want to make it just right. I ran and wrote for a similar indie tech blog for over 9 years now, so I know what I’m doing. However, getting situated on WordPress will take some time, so stay tuned for some great content, and don’t mind the scaffolding.

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