Samsung Has Even Copied Apple’s Keyboard and TouchID

When will it end? Samsung's keyboard was awful. It was the Internet Explorer of keyboards, only good to help you download a new keyboard. With the Galaxy S6, Samsung is introduing a new default keyboard, one that will be familliar to anyone who has used an iOS 8 device. The new keyboard looks almost identical to Apple's keyboard, with similar spacing, design, the same color pallet, and suggestion bar. Samsung even introduced a new fingerprint scanner that works more like Apple's, and added a very familliar user interface along with it. It's as though Samsung only knows how to update their hardware or software if they copy the designs of their competitors.

When Apple introduced the iPhone 5s, they added a fingerprint sensor they called Touch ID. Unlike other fingerprint scanners, users just had to put their finger over the Touch ID sensor, rather than swiping. It was also more accurate than any other consumer fingerprint sensor. Samsung copied the fingerprint scanner feature for their Samsung Galaxy S5, but the sensor was terrible. It frequently misread fingerprints, and was awkward to use. With the Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung is switching to a more Apple-like fingerprint sensor and they're even using an interface to collect the fingerprints that looks almost like Apple's. There are some obvious differences. Apple's implementation shows the grooves in the fingerprint icon changing color as it becomes a complete scan. Samsung's simply shows a growing glowing dot that grows and reveals a fingerprint icon. It's a lazy implementation, but it's obvious that they were trying to make the interface look identical to Apple's.

Samsung's Galaxy S6 looks more like an iPhone than any previous Samsung device. It'll be incredible if Apple doesn't sue. Samsung is also copying Apple's EarPods. Samsung lost their previous lawsuits against Apple, and should have learned a lesson. However, in an attempt to use better design principles and materials, Samsung has decided to copy their biggest competitor. Some things never change, but it's unbelievable that they'd really go this far.

Source: CultOfMac Image credit (top to bottom): Dom Esposito, Ken Dai, Unbox Therapy, Apple


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