Beware! Oracle Bundling Adware With Java for Mac OS

Windows devices have always had issues with bundled software. As the go-to techie in my family, I've done “cleanup” on a number of computers, which often involved removing toolbars and adware from PCs. Fortunately, I've gotten most of my close family to move to Mac OS or iOS, and haven't had nearly as many support requests. Unfortunately, Mac OS may not be safe from annoying bundled software anymore. Java for Mac OS now will come bundled with an toolbar, and will reset homepages to Fortunately, just because you want Java you don't have to install the toolbar, you can easily prevent it from installing with one easy step.

The photo at the top of this post shows the step in question. All you have to do is make sure to un-check the toolbar option in the step highlighted above. Windows users have grown accustomed to this money grabbing technique, but Mac users aren't used to such shady behavior. Now that Java has been unbundled from Mac OS, Oracle has more control over what they can install with Java, and they've chosen to violate the trust of their users.

Apple and users may ask Oracle to put a stop to this, however it's up to Oracle whether or not they'll continue to bundle software with Java. Windows installs also offered users the choice to un-check the toolbar installs, yet many people missed it and installed the toolbars anyway, even though they (obviously) don't need the toolbars. Mac users now have to pay attention to the install process. With Mac OS growing in popularity, Mac users will have to watch out for issues like this.

Source: MacWorld


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