Alto’s Adventure is an Addictive Endless Snowboarder for iOS

Before I started writing this post, I decided to pick the game up and play a round. Just one round. That was 10 minutes ago. Alto's Adventure is a simple game that can really suck you in. Typically, when I reading about an iOS game, and I see the word “endless”, I immediately lose interest. There are so many infinite runners, infinite flappers, and infinite drivers out there, that the genre has become bland and played out. Yes, these games have the potential to be addictive, but often they're just excuses to leech money from people's wallets with in app purchases. What's the fun in that?

Alto's Adventure does away with in app purchases, and is a simple and beautiful game that's easy to learn, difficult to master, impossible to put down, and grows more fun with time. Check out the video below and you'll start to understand what makes this game so great.

The controls for Alto's Adventure are pretty simple. Tap the screen to jump and hold your finger down to do a backflip. In the beginning, that's it. You can later unlock a wingsuit accessory, which adds a fantastic layer to the game, making it feel somehow more fast paced than before. The goal is simple, catch Alto's llamas. Along the way there will be chances to do tricks like backflips, grinds, jumps, and more, as well as dangers, like angry elders that chase you, or rocks in your path. You'll need to keep your eyes glued to this game, and as you get better, you'll begin to enjoy the game even more, not less.

One thing I really love about Alto's adventure is the appearance of this game. These are simple, colorful graphics, and geometric shapes, but they're painted together in an artful manner. The weather can change, frm sunshine to rain, to thunderstorms, and day turns into night. Your character is guided down slops, though forrests, and over dangerous crevasses. The scenery and graphics in this game really are beautiful. If you're not careful, you could get lost in the incredible visuals and end up stumbling over a rock.

As you play, you'll level up, and collect coins on your run. This in game currency can only be earned by playing, there are no in app purchases to spoil this game. You can make the coin magnet or feather powerups last longer though upgrades, or (and this is what I recommend) save your coins for an awesome wingsuit. The wingsuit makes gliding possible, and even enables the player to gain altitude, meaning it can be used to tie together some really cool tricks, and can even be used to cross some dangerous terrain. It'll even make those tricky triple backflips easier.

Endless runners and the like get boring over time, but Alto's Adventure has remained fresh, even as my own skills have improved. I've been playing it for weeks now, just to make sure it wouldn't lose my interest. The visuals are stunning and the gameplay will keep you coming back for more time and time again. Truly, this has become my favorite endless <Insert Verb Here>. The game is currently only available for iOS, but will run on iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches. It's a fantastic game that you'll be able to enjoy for many, many hours, and well worth the price of just $1.99. I'd consider this fun little game a must have for iOS devices. Download it from the App Store today.


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