iPhone 6s Will Have Force Touch, Come in Pink

When the rumor was going around that Apple would release a gold iPhone 5s, I was a bit skeptical. I didn't think gold would look anything but gaudy. Instead, Apple did release a gold iPhone, and it's more of a champagne color, which looks surprisingly classy. Apple's iPod Touch comes in a variety of colors, and that's made of aluminum. Could Apple apply a more colorful pallet to the iPhone as they did with the iPhone 5c? According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple may be planning on a pink iPhone. It's also an easy bet to assume that the iPhone 6s will have the force touch screen of the Apple Watch and new MacBook trackpad.

Apple's pink iPhone will likely be more of a rose gold color, as they're using on the Apple Watch, not a “Barbie pink” like the iPhone 5c. It, like the gold iPhone before it, might sound like a gaudy color, but will likely look high-end. People seem generally happy with the iPhone colors they're presented with, but perhaps another color option will be as popular as the gold iPhone was.

Apple's force touch technology allows devices to differentiate between a light touch and a longer one with more pressure. Apple's force tap could add an entirely new way to interact with iOS. Right now, iOS has long touches for functionality like copy, paste, and moving app icons around, but a forceful touch could be used like a thrid mouse button is use on Mac OS, or for automatically selecting and copying text. Apple's likely experimenting with force touches for iOS 9 and the iPhone 6s right now.

Saying that the iPhone 6s will have force touch is easy. Apple's adding it to their Apple Watch and MacBooks, so it's only sensible that it is going to make a splash on the next iPhone. As for the pink color option, maybe the iPhone 6s will be colorful, or Apple will introduce an iPhone 6c? It's hard to say, and the Wall Street Journal can't be clear on their sources, but it'll certainly be interesting to find out. It's still winter, and we're already speculating what the next iPhone will be like when it's revealed this fall. It's never too early for iPhone speculation, right?

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