Apple TV Is Just $69 With HBO Now

Last week, Apple made a number of exciting announcements about new MacBooks and the Apple Watch, so it's forgivable to forget Apple's least expensive introduction, the all new Apple TV. The Apple TV has long been the easiest and most intuitive way twitch internet content on a TV, as well as stream AirPlay video and audio from Macs, iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches. Apple was charging $99 for their little set top box, but they've since dropped that price by $30. Customers can now get an Apple TV for just $69.
On top of that amazing price reduction, Apple also announced a new partnership with HBO. Apple customers will be able to get HBO's new instant streaming service before anyone else, in April (just in time for the new season of Game of Thrones). Users won't even need a cable or satellite subscription to enjoy HBO from their Apple TVs or iOS devices.

HBO Now will be $15 per month. This makes it slightly more expensive that Netflix, however one could argue that HBO has more original content and newer movies, making it worth the extra $5 per month. HBO's Now service will work exactly like HBO Go works for cable and satellite subscribers that already have an HBO subscription. That $15 per month will be less than the bundles Comcast, Time Warner, Dish, and other cable/satellite subscriptions, which means many subscribers who just want HBO, and don't need to add Showtime and Stars will be happy to know that they can finally get their own Home Box Office without an expensive bundle. Needless to say, cable companies aren't happy about this dramatic improvement in customer service and pricing.
The Apple TV helps hack away at the monopolies companies like Comcast have. When your favorite shows are on Netflix or HBO, why would you need a cable subscription? With these services growing in popularity, and the customer satisfaction of cable and satellite plummeting, companies like Comcast may have to finally change their manipulative ways. Apple's working to free consumers from the tyranny of monopolistic business practices, and it only costs $69. Check out the Apple TV on Apple's website.


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