Ecosia is the Search Engine that Plants Trees

The global average temperature is rising, and it's leading to significant changes in the climate of the Earth. Soon, even the more versatile species on this planet, such as humans, will find this planet inhospitable. This warming isn't natural, it's due to many factors of human origin. We're releasing obscene amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the air from our burning of fossil fuels, and CO2 traps heat within the atomosphere. We're even cutting down trees that remove CO2 from the atmosphere. However, there's a lot people can do. We can reduce waste, we can reduce dependency on fossil fuels, we can use clean electricity, and we can use a special search engine.

No, really, you can help out by searching the web. Ecosia is a search engine that will help people plant trees with every search, and you can start using it today.

Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines, make money with targeted advertisements on search pages. Ecosia is no different. Every time an ad is viewed or clicked, Ecosia will get paid by their advertisers. Ecosia will then take 85% of their profits and put it towards planting new trees. They'll even keep a counter (as long as you don't clear your cookies), showing how many trees you've helped contribute to with your searches. Even just one tree can be home to many species, and enough trees can help in the process of scrubbing our atmosphere of excess CO2. Of course, using a search engine won't be enough to save the planet, but every little bit helps, and those little bits add up.

Ecosia has simple browser plugins that can allow it to be your default search engine on any browser. There are even iOS and Android apps, although the iOS version could use work. The iOS app is a completely self contained search app, and does not have an extension that allows users to set it as the default browser in Safari. Just as no one goes to, you'll never need to search from However, if you do what to know more about Ecosia, you can read up on their website.

We'd have to nearly cover the planet with plants to undo the damage we've done to this planet, but every tree is an improvement, and every little bit will help over time. Not only do trees help balance out our atmosphere, they can also provide homes to many creatures and species. Planting trees certainly is a noble goal. Typically, when you do a search, the money for the ads just go into Google's pockets. At least with Ecosia, the money will go towards helping save the planet. What has your search engine done lately?


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